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  1. It's getting quite exciting here at Ladja Tweedcraft, my card payment machine is up and running so I can now take orders and payments over the phone so customers will be able to specify exactly what they want, make changes to colour schemes and much more.  I have been contacted by a shop in Edinburgh so perhaps another outlet for the bags and accessories, this would be a major lift for the business so fingers crossed they get back to me.  I have several new tweeds so can improve the choice of cushions and bags in the existing range and i've just drawn three new bag patterns thatI am ithcing to get on with and which should be available in the next couple of weeks.

  2. Well I took a good look at the website the other day and realized I hadn't done any new bags for a while so decided to pay a visit to the Harris Tweed Hebrides shop in town.  I found a fab tweed I haven't seen before, typical of me it's mainly green check but also has deep purple, if someone had just told me about it i'd have said yuk but it's gorgeous and I can't wait to get started on it.

    There is also some exciting news on the outlets front; I was contacted by a lady who is opening a new gift shop on the mainland and has asked to stock some of my bags and purses.  I wish her well with her new venture in these economically challenging times.

  3. Well it's another average day in the ladja household, the debate is do I settle down for a day of sewing or do I go and visit my horse????  Outside the window it is sunny but the clouds are gathering and the wind is picking up so I think the decision is to get on with the sewing.  On today's list is to finish off the order for a visitor centre on one of the other islands and to work on my new patchwork bag.  I'm quite new to patchwork so it's a bit hit and miss at the moment (any hints and tips greatfully received).  A lady that visits the island regularly called in a couple of weeks ago to show me her latest creation and I couldn't resist giving one a try, fortunately for me she believes in sharing so was very happy for me to pinch her design.  I opted for a brown theme this time as I felt like a change of colour but I'd be very interested in hearing which colours and patterns of this delightfull fabric you think would look good so if you want to see what's on offer here is the website for Harris Tweed  It will be very exciting to see what combinations you can come up with!!!


    KINDLE CATEGORY-001 It has been far too long since I updated the blog but I haven't been idle, the photo is of my latest creation, kindle cases which are available in 6 colours and were inspired by a customer who couldn't find what he was looking for, I hope you like them as much as he does.  With the tourist season fast approaching it will be abusy time at Ladja Tweedcraft, there will be lots of sewing to do and new ideas to put into production but for the time being I think it's time to expand the colour range of the buttoned cushions so if you have any thoughts on that I would be very pleased to hear them.


  4. It has been a very busy couple of months for me, I have now built a second website for childrens clothes and accesories, there are not many product immages on it at the moment  but there are descriptions of what is to come and galleries of the fabrics I intend to use.  If you have a few minutes to spare please have a look and send me your feedback, you will find the link on the top menu.

    Best wishes

  5. Ruth found a very creative use for the layered brooches she bought.  I think they look great.


    It’s lovely to hear that you will be making a return visit, I’ve been doing the bags etc for about 5 years along with sewing for another local craft business but the website is only a few months old so to have satisfied customers is a real boost for the confidence in what I produce.